The Watershed Learning Network is here for you, as a resident of your own watershed. Watersheds are the places we work, play, go to school, and live together. More technically, watersheds are areas of land where all of the water falls, drains, and goes to the same body of water.

Everywhere, you’re in a watershed, and it only makes sense to know what’s exactly around you. The WLN grew out of Atlanta, where community members were craving a way to connect with others facing similar water-related challenges in other cities across the U.S.

The collective goal of the WLN is to share lessons and stories (often one and the same) about the struggles we deal with in urban watersheds, in particular. Use this site to learn more about exactly how water moves around where you live, and how the built environment works as its own form of nature.

Please feel free to navigate the site on your own, or watch this presentation to learn more about how to navigate the sites.

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