History of the WLN

The Watershed Learning Network was developed from ideas and materials that were developed in the Atlanta Watershed Learning Network (AWLN). To learn more about navigating the website and the history of the WLN, please view the presentation below.

For the past few years, ECO-Action has collaborated with American Rivers, West Atlanta Watershed Alliance, The Conservation Fund, Park Pride, the Atlanta Community Improvement Association, and the Metro Atlanta Urban Watershed Institute to build capacity and develop leadership for green infrastructure in the Intrenchment and Proctor Creek watershed communities. This work evolved and led to the creation of Atlanta Watershed Learning Network.

Proctor Creek in West Atlanta is a tributary of the Chattahoochee River. Intrenchment Creek in South Atlanta is a tributary of the South River, flowing into the Ocmulgee River. Both Proctor and Intrenchment Creeks begin in downtown Atlanta, where concrete sidewalks, roads, buildings, and parking lots prevent water from being absorbed into the ground. During heavy rain events, the water flows into nearby neighborhoods, causing flooding issues throughout the communities.

West Atlanta Watershed Alliance, residents are gaining knowledge about the causes of stormwater flooding, the health and economic impacts of flooding caused their communities, and how they can be empowered to advocate for sustainable solutions to these problems.

The sense of community and energy generated by the AWLN, inspired the organizers to expand the impact of the educational program and create the Watershed Learning Network.

Purpose of the AWLN

  • Grow stewards and advocates from Intrenchment and Proctor Creek watersheds communities who will provide leadership for the protection and restoration of the watersheds
  • Address flooding and stormwater issues using green infrastructure,
  • Provide opportunities for improved health, recreation and education, and
  • Protect, improve and restore the health of the watersheds for all.

Much of this information was taken directly from the Atlanta Watershed Learning Network’s first newsletter and the Proctor Creek Stewardship Council’s website. Please feel free to visit both of these sites to learn more about Proctor and Intrenchment Creeks.

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