This material was based on a curriculum developed by members of the Atlanta Watershed Learning Network, led by Dr. Yomi Noibi of Eco-Action. We have attempted to design the WLN program so that you can watch or download a single presentation or you can complete the WLN program by watching or reviewing all of the presentations.

Each module contains a narrated video, which is also contained on the YouTube Channel, “Urban Ecology at UGA”. You will also be able to click on a link to download a narrated PowerPoint file. You can listen to the presentation or you can download the file and proceed through the presentation at your own pace. We have also included additional resources for instructors wanting to lead their own WLN training.

Unless otherwise noted, all of the diagrams and models used in the modules were created by Diane Kelment, the video material was captured and edited in large part by Allison Krausman, and the images used in the modules were taken by the students or instructor of the urban ecology course at UGA in 2018 or the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance. The materials in the Media Gallery may be used for educational purposes if credit is given to the WLN.

The views and opinions expressed in these materials are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the University of Georgia.