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The videos, images, and PowerPoint presentations were created for educational purposes in an urban ecology course at the University of Georgia. Unless otherwise noted, all of the diagrams and models used in the modules were created by Diane Kelment, the video material was captured and edited in large part by Allison Krausman. Many of the images used in the modules were  taken by the students or instructor of the urban ecology course at UGA in 2018, the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance, Eco-Action. We have done our best to provide the appropriate reference information associated with all images and content in all of the documents taken from other sources and, when possible, we have attempted to use images and content that is labeled for noncommercial reuse or noncommercial reuse with modification.

The views and opinions expressed in these materials are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the University of Georgia.


The videos can also be accessed on the YouTube Channel,Urban Ecology at UGA. The introduction to the WLN video describes the purpose of forming the WLN and is a good introduction to the website and the contents therein. The watershed walk video allows viewers to walk through an urban watershed and visualize many of the challenges natural resource managers face when working in urban streams.


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